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They Laughed When I Said I Wanted to Be a Real Estate Millionaire in 3 Years. But When I Replaced My Job Income in Just 18 Months…
They Laughed When I Said I Wanted to Be a Real Estate Millionaire in 3 Years. But When I Replaced My Job Income in Just 18 Months…
I Went From Virtually Zero To $3.5 Million In 18 Months. And I’m Going To Show You How To Potentially Achieve The Same Results Too.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Dear Friend

I’ll never forget the pain.

I was recently divorced. My bank account was anaemic.

And I was working long hours in my accounting practice, just to put food on the table for my 3 young kids.

Since I was so busy at work, I missed out on my kids growing up.

And I felt sorry for them … and for myself.

So I decided to do something about it.

I knew I needed a better way to earn money and build wealth!

I always had a fascination with the property market. Yet I never took any action. That all changed when I made my decision.

So… I set a goal for myself: I wanted to replace my income through real estate in 3 years.

Once I set my goal, I felt excited and inspired.

My Turning Point

The first thing I did was to educate myself. I read a tonne of books and went to lots of property seminars.

But since I didn’t have much money to invest, I had to think outside the box…

So I made sure the first properties I bought were super cheap… and paid me an income after expenses.

I was thrilled that the strategies I learned actually worked. So I kept going, buying more and more properties.

In just 18 months, instead of 3 years, I achieved my goal! I replaced my job income with passive income!

My Life Purpose Is To Help You Achieve The Same Financial Freedom

When my friends heard about my success, they wanted to know how I did it. So I began teaching other people how to create wealth through real estate.

Since that time, I’ve taught over 10,000 people on my real estate investing system. And many of them have gotten amazing results, too.

For instance…

…Rob Steer told me he went from $58k in debt to over $2-million in assets in just 18 months.

…Meanwhile, Esme Chin reports going from zero to 20 properties in 6 years.

…And Tony & Marian Dawson report making as much as $253k in passive income in just 2 and half years!

Of course, these results are not typical. And I’m by no means suggesting that you could get results like these.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to know how to create long-lasting wealth through real estate… if you’d like to learn about my investing system that’s been proven to work… then I invite you to join me at this once in a lifetime summit.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Financial Freedom Through Property Really Can Be Yours

At the summit, I’ll reveal to you my ENTIRE system for building long-lasting wealth through real estate. 

Plus, I’ll answer any questions you may have on real estate investing, including…

“Is this the right time to invest in real estate?”

Where should I buy now? What kind of property should I buy?”

“What’s the best strategy to invest in today’s market?”

“How do I get started if I don’t have any money to invest now?”

If these are questions you have in mind too, then you definitely want to come to my event.

Because I will answer all of these questions at my event. 

What’s more, I will also reveal to you how I would do it – IF I HAD TO START ALL OVER AGAIN IN TODAY’S MARKET.

Not only that, I will also share with you many of my best investing secrets,including…

How to uncover hotspots – before everybody else piles in – with the potential to at least double your money in the next 36 months

Invest without borrowing. Tell the bank to “shove it ” using this no-money-down trick. It’s so simple, it’s easier to buy without a loan than buying a house the conventional way

Forget the boom of 2021. An even bigger price explosion is on the horizon and I’ll reveal why

Get ready to raise the rents! The secret reason landlords are getting a LOT richer. These income accelerators have the potential to DOUBLE the rent from your next investment property

The huge government blunder you can exploit to potentially pocket millions in extra money in the next 5 years

3 types of property nobody should own, but many investors do – house types which are destined to plunge as the rest of the market soars. Dump these over-hyped properties NOW. 

Get the facts. Why the banks and economists completely screwed up their predictions of a Covid induced crash, and why they’re wrong … again

Manufacture equity on each deal so you become wealthier without waiting for the market to move. The perfect way to get richer even in flat markets

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


If You Think You’ve Missed The Boom … Think Again.

Great news! Your dreams of creating fast wealth through real estate aren’t over. 

In fact, there are more opportunities to create an amazing life for you and your family than if you’d invested when Covid hit. 

With the right knowledge you can gift yourself and your family a major income boost, and finally live life on your terms. 

I’m talking about a life where you’re not left struggling after the taxman has got his greedy little fingers on your hard earned money.

Or where you’ve got almost nothing left after your home loan, groceries, expenses and school fees are paid. 

I Was 100% Right When All The Experts Were Wrong. What’s My Latest Market Prediction?

My latest prediction is we’re entering into a second phase of the post-covid market.

And if you’re educated and have the right strategies … this new phase could make you richer than ever before.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the monster growth in the last 18 months in your own suburb, even in your own house.

However this is why I’m predicting that 2022 is going to be an even more prosperous time for investors.

7 Reasons Why Now Is An Even Better Time To Invest Than At The Start Of The Boom
The market was too hot for investors at the start of the boom. Houses were being snapped up within hours, there was no time for any of the high growth/high income strategies I’m showing you. All you could do was sign a contract and hold on for dear life.​
Most investors are still out of the market because they think interest rates are going up … or that they’ve already moved. They think (mistakenly) that the good times are over, only they’re about to discover they’re making the biggest mistake of their financial life​.
More supply and lower clearance rates means you’ve got time to be picky. Now you’ve got time to use the strategies I’m giving you during the wealth summit, and manufacture equity, secure high growth properties and boost your rental income. It’s a buyer’s market and you’ve got time to be strategic instead of being rushed.
Immigration is coming back with a vengeance. We’re about to experience a flood of cashed up foreigners calling Australia home … and they’ve got money to push prices up even higher. Even top government bureaucrats are pushing for immigration to nearly double the previous levels. Imagine what this will do to house prices if it happens
Wages are going back up. After years of stagnant growth wages are finally going back up. Unemployment is as tight as a drum which is forcing employers to pay more and more money just to get workers. And higher wages means higher house prices
There’s still a flood of money coming in thanks to the RBA printing more and more cash, the banks still lending as fast as they can and interest rates staying at record lows.
The government wants the price of houses to keep going up. They know as long as house prices are going up, people feel richer. And they only get elected when voters make money, right? Plus all the new equity means every time someone sells their house they’ve got money to splash in the economy.

And higher house prices means people want to build bigger and bigger houses. Now there’s more construction jobs, a booming economy and less tradies on welfare.

No wonder the government is pumping more and more money into the housing market. Our economic prosperity depends on it, and you can cash in on it too.

People Are About To Use These Strategies To Make Their Fortunes. Will You Be One Of Them?

Right now is the perfect time for educated investors to get into the market.

The window is open to even higher profits in less time once you know what you’re doing.

However you can’t afford to make any mistakes like buying in the wrong location, getting the wrong type of property or using the wrong strategy.

And you certainly can’t afford to be fooled by the narrative in the media who claim the market is going to crash. They were wrong last time and they’ll be wrong again.

I’m running this free wealth summit to sort out fact from fiction, and give you the fast wealth strategies which are perfect for the next phase of the post-covid boom.

And I’m going to show you how to make your dreams come true potentially faster than you can imagine.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Here’s some of the exciting revelations I’m revealing at The Property Fast Lane Summit:
Excited So Far? You Should Be Because Here’s More Of What You’re Going To Discover

You’re also going to discover how investors have created capital gains of $30,000 in 4 weeks … $40,000 in 8 weeks … and even $120,000 in 7 weeks. 

The best part is this even works in a flat market. 

And that’s not all. 

Here’s more…

Why listening to your accountant could crush your dreams of financial independence. Surprising advice from a … qualified accountant

Get ready to raise the rents! The secret reason landlords are getting a LOT richer

Invest without borrowing – Tell the bank to “shove it ” and break free from being a debt slave forever 

How to claim thousands of dollars each year … on something you haven’t even paid for. Even  comes with the ATO’s full approval 

The 18 year property cycle which has accurately predicted the market’s every move for over a century. Discover what the market’s next move will be and how to profit

WARNING: As soon as you’re rich there’s a lawyer out there who wants your fortune. Stop them dead with this bulletproof asset protection system

The single most important piece of paper for investors. Sign it … or risk losing the lot to all the lawyers out there who would love to get THEIR hands on YOUR fortune.

Low risk way to potentially earn more in a month than most investors earn in a year.

How to shield your wealth and spare your family from losing everything you own. Even your own home is at risk.

Why you can’t trust the banks. Dirty tricks they play with your money – and how to stop them dead in their tracks

You could slash your retirement plans in half, maybe even less, with my unique GVA  growth hack system

Revealed: The ultimate zero-tax shelter of the rich which no one is talking about. Until now.  

Income accelerators which potentially DOUBLE the rent from your next investment

Can you make money investing? Watch as our students reveal what they’re doing and how much they’re making in their own words:

Leaving the tools behind for $187,000pa passive income.*
Cambodian refugee creates a $1.3M legacy out of nothing.*
How a single mum built a $150,000pa portfolio and quit her day job!*
Never too late to be a property millionaire. How Val and Peter secured their retirement.*
How a young mum became a full-time property investor … and brought her family home to Australia.*
From $135K in the red to a million in green in just five years!*

* Results are not typical.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


With The Right Knowledge And The Right Action Plan, You Could Potentially Retire Wealthy In Just 3 – 7 Years

How’s that sounding so far?

Would spending one full day with me at the Great Real Estate Reset Summit be the smartest move that you can make during these crazy times?

Of course it would be!

Here’s what you need to do next… be one of the lucky 500 who secures a FREE Virtual Seat!

But we’re not done yet, there’s a lot more that we’ll be covering at this groundbreaking Summit!

Here’s what else you’ll discover…

How the government’s stimulus could trigger a New ‘Roaring 20s’ like recovery and could make you rich in the next 3 To 7 years!

How one of our students makes $13,860 a year on a property he doesn’t even own. Think about it – how many times could you do this if you didn’t need a loan or a deposit?

Tax-slashing secrets of the rich who refuse to pay a cent more than they have to. All 100% legal.

How to use the ATO’s own rules to turn the tables on them and claim thousands a year on something you haven’t even paid for.

What suburbs will make you the most money … and what strategy should you use to multiply your profits? I’ll show you my GVA money-hack for finding out.

While telling you to ‘stay safe’ and invest for the long term, most of the country’s richest investors are quietly investing in a very different way. Find out what they’re doing.

The ugly truth about negative gearing and why it could wipe out your portfolio before you even get started.

These three popular investing strategies are ticking time bombs. Find out what they are and why to avoid these strategies like the plague

Is your superannuation underfunded? There’s still time if you follow my ‘catch-up quick’ retirement plan.

Exposed: The toxic debt time bomb most property owners are crippled with and don’t even know about. 

How I went from struggling single mother to building a $3.5 million property portfolio which replaced my income in just 18 months.

Do this BEFORE your next investment. A couple of bits of paper, a few hundred bucks and you could protect yourself from a million dollar lawsuit.

Could you be one step away from your entire fortune being wiped out? Find out – most investors are and wouldn’t even know.

Sneaky investments which could give you TWICE the rent. I bet your accountant or financial planner won’t tell you about these.

Plus much, much more…

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


The Property Secrets Summit Is The MUST-ATTEND Event For 2022

At the Property MasterySummit, you’ll discover the sharpest, most relevant, most up-to-date information you can take advantage of.

Fact is, people are frozen, paralysed with fear, eyes darting around nervously wondering what’s going to hit us next.

Don’t let this be you.

And that’s why I’m running this urgent event. It’s so you don’t just survive, you potentially come out of this situation with more money than you ever dreamt of.

You won’t believe this until you see it for yourself at the event … the next 5 – 7 years could potentially create long term wealth for you and your family which passes from generation to generation.

However you can’t make decisions without the right knowledge.

And you need to get your information from someone who knows what’s really happening and can guide you to take advantage of it.

Here Are Some Of The Students Who Now Live Their Dream Lives With These Strategies

Peter and Kerrie were heading for bankruptcy as their building business collapsed. 2 property deals later and they have a $114,000 yearly passive income plus $3.36 million in fresh new equity

Sergio and Charity created a $250,000 a year passive income stream in just 12 months

Shiral and Chani, immigrants from Sri Lanka make $100,000 a year from their investments, starting with creative “no money down” deals.

Busy mother Basia used strategies she learnt at Super Conference and became a full-time investor, creating $7.44 million in equity in the process

John, the son of refugees who was raised in Melbourne’s housing commission flats created a $300,000 passive income in just 5 years
Single mother Gloria replaced her income in only 3 years

And Corina took her $13,000 in life savings and turned it into a $100,000+ passive income with $900,000 manufactured equity.

What Is The Cost?

By now you’ve probably realised that this one day summit is FREE!

People charge $1,000 and more to join events like these, and we could easily charge even more and it would be worth it.

However I know times are tight for a lot of people right now, and I want as many people as possible to have this kind of education as possible to inspire and motivate the next generation of investors.

And this is why you can join this virtual event from home for nothing.

However, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously.

So, here’s the deal.

I’ll give you all my energy, knowledge and strategies.

I’ll give you $699 in free gifts as well for no cost.

And all I ask in return is you turn up and you do the work. Sound fair?

Great! Then register now so you can get ready.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Get These Valuable Gifts and Bonuses Simply by Saying ‘Yes!’ Today.
Free Gift #1: Hot off the press, it’s my latest book “Property Wealth Rebound Of 2022”

Property Wealth Rebound Of 2022 expands on everything you’re discovering on the summit.

It’s brand new, and yet to be released publicly. And you’ll be one of the first people in the world to own a copy.

This timely book gives you all the latest data plus my 2021 predictions. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the summit.

Free Gift #2: Confessions Of A Real Estate Millionaire Book

Dymphna’s breakthrough book details her inspiring journey from single mum to replacing her income with a $3.5 million portfolio in just 18 months.

Get all the strategies Dymphna used to make it happen, and what she did once she quit her job and became a full-time investor.

Free Gift #3: 101 Top Tips
Open this book at any page and you’ll get an immediate tip on how to improve your property investment journey. This book is a treasure trove of professional, time-tested secrets of millionaire property investors.
Free Gift #4: Life Changed Book
47 inspirational stories of how everyday Australians have taken their financial future into their own hands, and created significant wealth and transformation using the I Love Real Estate and Property Genius Formula.
Free Gift #5: The Real Estate Pro Series
3 must have report if you must have if want you investing to go the next level.

How to Structure You investing for Max Profits and Minimum Tax.

How To Make Your Life Style Tax Deductible.

Why Negative Gearing Is Dangerous To Your Wealth.

Free Gift #6: The Source Magazine

This is the latest updated edition of The Source Magazine, the only place where you will find professionally written articles on how to create wealth from real estate in the current environment.

You’ll get a link to download our latest issue which is crammed full of advice, expert editorials and pages and pages of Dymphna students’ stories as they explain how they used her strategies to create wealth and transform their lives.

Free Gift #7: Investor Smart Series

8 reports that give you tactics, tips, ideas and strategies to move you forward in leaps and bounds.

The topics covered: Protecting Your Assets, Selling Your Property Faster, Passive Income Secrets, Motivated Sellers, Growth Strategies, Vendor Finance, Cash Cows, Debt Elimination Secrets.

Note: All the bonuses mentioned above will only be available for you when you’re on the LIVE summit. During the day, I will give you a special website you can go to and download your special bonus gifts.

To access all the bonuses, you’ll have to attend the summit LIVE. I reward action-oriented people, and this is why I’m giving you so many valuable gifts for turning up to the summit.

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Your Questions Answered

I get why you might ask this.

I live on a 50 acre farm on the edge of a rainforest on the beautiful sunshine coast. It’s an idyllic lifestyle and sure, I could disappear and enjoy a quiet life.

But I’ve created an amazing community of amazing like minded individuals I’m helping to create the lifestyle I enjoy.

And it’s a responsibility I feel strongly about, and you just can’t leave your responsibilities just because you become wealthy.
Any wealthy person will tell you there’s a bigger game than money.

I grew up in a family of 6 kids out in the middle of nowhere in the bush.

I’ve built resilience, stamina and grit. It’s something you carry through with you.
It’s in me, and I’ll always have it.

And yep, I’m a little bit rebellious and anti-establishment so I still teach to put some perspective in this world that there are smarter and better ways to not be part of the traditional 9-5.

I’ve been like this since I was a little girl, and I’m sure as hell not changing now.

And I want to pass this on as well.

I’m a mother of 3 children, and they’re grown up now.

However the best example I can give to them is to wake up every morning and have a purpose and a passion which drives me, regardless of my financial position.

The best way to lead your children is not by rhetoric, but by example.

I want them to see what can happen when you follow your passion, and become responsible adults who live by high standards too and help leave a positive mark on the world.

I’ve been hearing that for 30 years now. In the year 2000 people said to me that prices were overvalued and couldn’t go any further.

Again at the top of the cycle in 2004 people said the same, that prices couldn’t go any higher, and we were going to go sideways for decades.

Then we had the top of 2008 when the GFC hit, and everyone said that was it and prices were going to tumble.

And then we had the great boom of 2010 all the way to today. And people are still playing the same old broken record. People don’t understand cycle economics. In fact some economists don’t even understand cycle economics.

Hey, I get why you’re asking this. You’ve probably been to events where there’s 5 or 6 speakers and each speaker rolls out an hour of fluff, then launches into some long-winded sales pitch. 

Well, let me categorically say this event is nothing like those events. 

For a start, it’s only me for the entire day. 

And here’s something else you need to know. I don’t do fluff. 

I do hardcore strategies and tactics, and you’ll realise this within the first 15 minutes. 

And yes, I have got ongoing mentoring and coaching services which I’ll offer … only after I’ve established incredible value. 

It’s for anyone who wants a faster way to create wealth from real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice with little knowledge or education or you’re already in the market.

As long as you’re ready to take action then the challenge is for you.

You’ll get strategies to find high growth properties, manufacture equity, increase rents, protect your assets, and give yourself the gift of a millionaire mindset.

Plus a treasure chest of free books and training as Dymphna’s gift to you.

At the end of the summit you’ll have a roadmap and be ready to launch into your real estate journey.

The summit takes place over Zoom. Just click the link and you’re ready to rock. You will need to download and install the Zoom app. Find it here:

FREE Property Fast Lane Summit

FRI 29th April 2022
6:30pm to 8:30pm

SAT 30th April 2022
10:00Am to 12:00pm


Event Coordinated by Knowledge Source PO Box 1383 Collingwood VIC 3066 Ph: (03) 9490 8888 Email:

This is an educational event only. MY GOAL is to educate you so YOU CAN AVOID the traps uneducated investors fall into and take advantage of the boom ahead without anxiety or fear. At the end of the webcast, if you feel that I am a worthy mentor and coach I will offer a range of my educational services to assist you on your real estate journey. The choice to expand your real estate knowledge further with these optional services will always be yours.

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