I have a bit of an update for you on this, I’ve changed my mind. Everybody’s now included.
No exclusions and hopefully everybody’s happy!

I know we spoke about it at the Conference on the weekend.

However, I changed my mind again…

But hey, this is what females do and in any case it actually works in your favour!

I’ll summarise it for you.

Here we go…

At a high level and all meaningful specifics!

I’m offering every current and past Platinum Student the opportunity to put a price freeze on the revisit rate!

Previously the rate was $12,995.

Now it’s $16,995 (Still good, but obviously $12,995 is better!)

… On the weekend, I gave everybody who is eligible to revisit between now to December the opportunity to be grandfathered into the old price if they made the commitment before 29th July (next Friday).

But on Monday I felt bad.

It just didn’t seem right that I excluded those Platinum Students whose revisit rate would fall after December.

So as the kids say these days and they get away with a lot…

“My Bad!”

So I thought “Bugger It!” I need to set this straight and give every single Platinum Student the same opportunity.

… If of course you want to take advantage of the old rate!

So here’s the deal…

If you’re a current Platinum Student,

And you want to pay the old rate of $12,995 for a revisit, here’s all that you need to do right now.

Simply pay a $5,000 holding deposit before the 29th July and when your time comes to start your revisit to Platinum, we will sort out the balance.

At that point…

If you decide to pay in full, the balance will be $7,995.

If you decide to take up the payment plan, the balance will be $833 x 12 monthly payments.


Now I can sleep well at night and know that I have not excluded anybody from this offer and everybody has got the same opportunity to be grandfathered into the old revisit price rather than pay the new one!

How can you take advantage of this offer and lock it in?


You can do this on this page by simply filling out your details below and letting us know that you would be taking up the old revisit rate rather than paying the new rate of $16,995.

I hope now everyone is happy!

I certainly am!

Yours Sincerely,


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