Welcome to your opportunity to participate in this very unique and exciting High Yield Property club.

Here’s what’s included in the High Yield Property Club.

High Yield Property Club Education. 

High Yield Property Club Education. Fee: $5,000

High Yield Property Club done for you service. 

High Yield Property Club done for you service. Fee: $15,000

Special I Love Real Estate Ultimate Membership Offer.

You get both the High Yield Property Club Education and done for you service included in this offer. 

Normally priced at $20,000.

However, as an Ultimate member, you get a massive discount of $13,005.  

Your membership is just $6,995.

Part payment option. $1,375 per month x 6 months. ($8,250)

Save $1,255 by paying in full. 

This will be for a 2-year membership to the High Yield Club.

Please note that due to the high level of service required for done for you component, this offer is only available to 20 Ultimate clients to be accepted at the heavily discounted offer of just $5,000. 

Why Do I Need To Apply? Can’t I Just Enrol Straight Into The Program?

If it was education only, we’d normally say yes, absolutely. 

However, because of the done for you component and the relationship that you’ll have directly with Kevin Doodney, it’s important that all applications are vetted to make sure that you are coachable and teachable when it comes to this high-level service. 

Plus, you’ll also have Kevin’s personal details. The application process is to determine that you’re also a likeable individual, who’s not going to be problematic or difficult to work with. 

One last thing, and this is probably the most important.

Whilst is the education component is amazing, and you’ll learn a lot from it, the service is really designed around the done for you component. 

So, on that basis, if you’re looking to enrol in the High Yield Property Club for the purpose of getting Kevin and his team to source, build, and bring to market an 8%+ property, you’ll need the financial capacity to do so. Hence the propose for this application process. 

Coordinated by Knowledge Source PO Box 1383 Collingwood VIC 3066  Ph: (03) 9490 8888  Email: [email protected]

This is an educational program only. MY GOAL is to educate you so YOU CAN AVOID the traps uneducated investors fall into and take advantage of the boom ahead without anxiety or fear. At the end of the webcast, if you feel that I am a worthy mentor and coach I will offer a range of my educational services to assist you on your real estate journey. The choice to expand your real estate knowledge further with these optional services will always be yours.

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