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In this Free Property Blueprint Call, we will:
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Get crystal clear on your income goals for the next 12-24 months.
Map out a plan of action that’s tailored for you!

Please pick a time that suits you best for your Blueprint Call. Most important is you pick a time that suits you best, where you’ll be in a quiet spot without distractions. if you’re lucky enough to get in before the event, go ahead and snap it up and fast track your results. However spots are strictly limited so you may have to pick a time after the event. That’s fine, too! And in some ways might even be better depending on your situation.

Please note: Blueprint calls are not intended for existing I Love Real Estate Ultimate and Quantum clients. If you are a current student, reach out to the coaching team and they will gladly assist and support you with any question you may have.

Here’s What’s Possible When You Don’t Follow Generic Formulas and You Custom Build Your Plan for Success

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PRE DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $110,000

POST DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $730,000

From Survival Mode To $620,000 In Just Two Years!


Having both been raised in very modest homes Melinda and Joseph aspired to build a more secure and golden life for their family. Though they had their share of obstacles and stumbles, they dared to dream and are testament to what a mindset shift can do.

PRE DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $106,833

POST DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $1,097,385

From $135K in the red to a million in green in just five years.


Even if you are starting with nothing but credit card debt, you can still take action to future-proof your finances.

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PRE DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $328,000

POST DYMPHNA Total Equity Position: $1,491,500

Work smarter, not harder: Leaving the tools behind for $187,000pa passive income.


Five years ago, Natalie and Scott had no passive income and a building business that was running them ragged. In five years they’ve completely changed the game, and have set themselves up for life.

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This is an educational video only. MY GOAL is to educate you so YOU CAN AVOID the traps uneducated investors fall into and take advantage of the boom ahead without anxiety or fear. At the end of the webcast, if you feel that I am a worthy mentor and coach I will offer a range of my educational services to assist you on your real estate journey.  The choice to expand your real estate knowledge further with these optional services will always be yours. The results on this page are not typical. These individuals took the time to go through a specific process that I’m now giving you the opportunity to go through. They also invested in themselves with further ongoing education and coaching. Above all however they set a plan and took action on their plan. We don’t promote get rich quick schemes. We also don’t promote unbelievable and unrealistic guarantees of wealth. What we do promote is the notion that specific education and the right coaching and content will mean you have a better chance of success.

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